Thursday, February 25, 2010

Luxembourg-Sized Ice Block Breaks Away From Antarctica

Because these unbelievable ice fractures are happening more and more regularly, the news of theses fissures is getting low-priority placement.

Even when it's nothing shy of incredible to think a chunk of ice the size of a European country is now floating in the oceans, it will probably take a Texas-sized hunk of snow to grab headlines nowadays.

That said, I'm pointing out this article for two reasons:

This particular block of frozen water, scientists suggest, might change the circulation patterns in oceans, which could ultimately really screw with weather. That's flipping crazy.

The other piece I took from this article was the chutzpah of the AFP. Read this sentence:
Both natural cycles and manmade climate change contribute to the collapse ice shelves and glaciers.

Kudos to the AFP for the word choice. Among researchers and scientists studying glaciers, there is no debate about manmade climate change. So that's how you write it.

The rest of the media needs to grow a pair and stop kowtowing to the politics of it all.

It's nice to see the AFP writing in a way that doesn't allow climate change to get hijacked by Swift Vote-style aspersions and pumped-up rhetoric.

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  1. Funny. I see the AFP also dared to omit an important "of."