Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas To Us

Finally something Democrats and Republicans can agree on: A raise. AYE! reported Wednesday that Congress passed on the chance to freeze salaries at their current level, thus, giving themselves a raise.

From a pr perspective, I'd say, Congress, you missed an opportunity. 

These clowns have been taking pot shots at uber-weathly CEOs from Wall Street to Detroit for the excess in their lives and business. Industrial jobs are drying up. Print media is dying. For most of America, raises are as real as Santa.

Congress had an opportunity to walk and talk in the same direction and they didn't. It's only about $4,700 a year, bringing their wages to about $190K annually, but the size of the raise is unimportant at that level. Most of us un-rich have no idea what that kind of raise feels like -- so by not acting it's bad publicity. 

I'm afraid Congress is trying to have it both ways. Or perhaps there was a push from the poorest Congressman to keep dough coming in.

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