Friday, February 13, 2009

Have a sense of humor, TN GOP!

The Grand (really) Old (and cranky, no-fun) Party in Tennessee has no sense of humor.

The Associated Press is reporting today the always classy state GOP took out an ad portraying the newly -- and fairly -- elected Speaker of the House Kent Williams as a Judas.

The Tennessee Republican Party has run an advertisement in House Speaker Kent Williams' hometown newspaper to denounce the man they booted from the GOP earlier this week.

The ad in the Elizabethton Star says Williams betrayed the core values of the party when he allowed himself to be nominated and elected speaker of the House by the chamber's 49 Democrats.

The ad also complains that Williams assigned the best office space and staff to Democrats.

Whayh whayh whayh! I'd like to officially served the lamest party in the state a plate of whamburgers and French cries.

They already booted him from the party. But now they have to insult him in his own newspaper. This behavior is exactly why the Republicans will lose their grip on the Volunteer State.

No ideas. No innovation. No tolerance. No sense of humor (unless they are telling the jokes).

No surprises either. This is the same group that mercilessly referred to President Barack Obama as Barack — Hussein — Obama every chance they had. Until. John McCain told them to have a glass of shut your pie hole.

The Tennessee GOP is the most adolescent organization in politics today.

The whole Williams thing is a product of reaping what you sow. Had the state GOP not campaigned against him in the last election, he might've been willing to play ball with them.

Instead, this is what they get.

Hey, Kent. You're better off without them.

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