Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miley's totally public twitter feed: Don't document my life

I found Miley Cyrus' twitter feed ironic today. All the fame and exposure was getting to the Disney starlet and giving her a headache, according to an earlier tweet.

Check it out for yourself:

[caption id="attachment_74" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Miley's twitter feed from today said she wanted privacy, an undocumented life."]Miley's twitter feed from today said she wanted privacy, an undocumented life.[/caption]

Isn't twitter a form of documentation? Especially when the whole world sees it?

Here's a tidbit of advice from a former child star (Harvey, Bad Year for Tomatoes, anyone?) for the teen sensation: stop inviting people into your life. Granted Miley has acheived stardom slightly above my own, but I can relate.

The more you put yourself out there, the more people want to engage you. So you've got two options. Slow it down, fewer shows, less twittering, cut out some appearances, etc. But I can understand if that's not appealing because who knows, in a couple years you could end up like McCauley Caulkin, whose movies you've probably never seen, and you're no longer raking in that Mouse money.

So your other option is to do like Prince. Live in the Midwest. Or heck, move back to Franklin, Tenn.

That's also what Dave Chapelle did. At the height of his career, he up and moves to Nowheresville, Ohio.

The downside: Now they both suck at being famous. So that's the price you pay.

Looks like you'll probably just have to deal with the grief, which will probably give you a headache.


Help? Well, I'd start with a nice dip in my gold-plated hot tub. That'd probably make me feel better.

Any suggestions for young Miley?

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